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Hainan Fengqi Pump & Valve wholesale center, according to resistance Industrial Development Co., Ltd., for specific Guizhou Pump & Valve suppliers to provide a wide range of pumps, valves ex-factory price wholesale supply

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ZCLF steam magnetic valves
ZCLF steam valves

It is suitable for the pipeline two-way type swith, which medium is as steam, gas,liquid.

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ZBS export series stainless steel solenoid valves
ZBS Solenoid Valve

Piston structure, durable wear-resistant, low temperature, no noise, zero leakage rapid action response, high-frequency German technology, export series, reliable quality.

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PS steam magnetic valves(pic1)
PS Steam Valve

It is suitable for steam as heating medium heater, radiator, dryer and fabric dyeing machine, fruits and vegetables dryer, etc.,

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CV3000-DHSC Explosion-proof electric cage single-seat regulator
DHSC control valve

CV3000-DHSC explosion-proof electric cage single-seat regulator is suitable for braising cavitation occasion that high pressure differential is easy to generate,

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CV3000-DHCB electric cage regulative valves
KHCB electric valves

CV3000-KHCB electric cage regulator is pressure balanced regulator, trims use socket oriented guide valve core, it mainly uses fluid pressure to realize valve core rapid movement,

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CV3000-HCP balance cage signle seat regulative valves
HCP balance valve

CV3000-HCP balance cage single-seat regulator controls kinds of high temperature, low temperature, high pressure fluid, is a balanced regulator. Valve has compact structure,

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Two-plate tiny drag slow close butterfly check valves
two-plate check valve

ZHYH46/ZHYH46EJ-type two-plate tiny drag slow close butterfly check valve can be used in clean water,

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Flange tiny drag slow close soundproofing check valves
DHH44 check valve

DHH44-type Flange tiny drag slow close muffler check valve is used in industrial, urban water supply and drainage, and high-rise residential, high-level hotels, pressure-increased water pump outlet.

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Flange jacket insluation check valves
BH44H check valve

The function of BH44H jacket insulation flange check valve is preventing media backflow in the pipelines. BH44H flange jacket insulation check valves are automatic valves,

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